Leadership Teams


The role of the Parish Pastoral Council consists of the Parish Priest together with parishioners elected by the Parish community and those co-opted by the Parish Priest. The role of the Council is to promote the Church's mission to live and communicate the love, values and teachings of Christ in our world. The Council shares in the responsibility for ongoing life and development of the faith community, working together with parishioners to provide support for their efforts to live as followers of Christ.


Fr Giovanni Raffaele (Parish Priest)

Francesca Reimers
Tony Brandt
Monica Hunter
Geordie Thuijs
John Quilty,Cathy Flynn, Allan Stock, Christine Stock, Moreen Mackney & Gerry Crogan


The role of the Finance Committee is to act in an advisory capacity helping the Parish Priest administer the Parish resources. The Committee assists in: planning future capital works raising the necessary finances establishing a framework for shared responsibility within the Parish In addition the Finance Committee monitors all income and expenditure for the Parish. Being directly responsible to the Parish Priest, the Committee is responsible for assisting in the preparation of the annual finance report to the Archbishop, and preparing and presenting an annual report to the parishioners. Other key activities undertaken include: management of the annual Parish Planned Giving programme producing a Parish budget arranging loans for ancillary constructions within the Parish. The minimum composition of the Finance Committee is: the Parish Priest and his Assistant three to 5 members of the Parish chosen for their financial expertise. If you have the pre-requisite skills and would like to offer your services contact: the Parish Priest Fr. Giovanni Raffaele.

Fr Giovanni Raffaele (Parish Priest)

Claude Coutinho (Chairperson)
Joe Andrews (Vice Chairperson)
Edith Vimpany (Secretary)
Isaac Hilton (Treasurer)
Angie Raharuhi
Michael Turner


The Fundraising Committee is a sub-committee of the Finance Committee. The primary function of the Fundraising Committee is to source funds to support the general upkeep, running and maintenance of the Church covering such as administration costs, loan repayments, maintenance of property and ministries, special needs/projects and contributions to other charities, where appropriate. Fundraising activities are varied and governed by the ingenuity of the members. Committee usually comprises parishioners with entrepreneurial skills, or who possess a vast number of contacts within organisations and industry, and anyone who feels able to contribute in raising funds will always be welcomed.


LITURGY comes from the Greek word ‘leitourgia’ meaning the work of the people for the people. The early church understood liturgy as worship, proclamation and charity. When we gather each Sunday as a community we worship God, listen to the Word and are sent out to serve God and neighbour. Activities: Working with the priest, the Liturgy Committee provides the structure for the weekly Masses and special feasts and celebrations liaises with the music ministry, acolytes, servers, floral arrangers is responsible for organizing and training the Proclaimers and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.

Fr Giovanni Raffaele
Cathy Flynn
Claude Coutinho
Francesca Reimers
Angie Raharuhi
Robyn Mason
Mary Aliphon

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